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77th Annual Opening Meet  

As we are gearing up for an exciting 2020/2021 season we wanted to provide an update on our plans for Opening Meet scheduled for October 24, 2020.  


With the on-going pandemic, we have modified our typical format to ensure the safety of our Members and Guests. This year we will not have the Tally-ho Wagons and cannot accommodate car followers. We look forward to having these back for next year.  


Under the lovely sound of the Bagpiper, we will have the Blessing of the Hounds, however, only the Masters and the Preacher will be allowed on the deck of the clubhouse for this activity. We will have a Stirrup Cup and St Hubert medals that will be handed out to those that want them, by volunteers wearing gloves and a mask.  


We will not be hosting a breakfast after the Hunt and the Clubhouse will remain closed. For this reason, we have decreased the cost for riding at Opening meet.  


Hunt members at $25 

Social members at $75 ($50 cap + $25 opening hunt fee) 

Riding Guests at $100 ($75cap + $25 opening hunt fee) 


You may pay for riding at opening meet by clicking here.  


 We do encourage people to tailgate afterwards (maintaining proper social distancing) and the club will have tail packages available for purchase like the one we did for Opening Cubbing.  


We will be renting porta potties for the day to help alleviate members, each one will have a table set up next to it that has hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes.  


Please RSVP, send your COVID-19 Release and your Hunt Release to Jess Cardot at, and cc Tara Stricko at  


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