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Hunter Trials & Obstacle Trail Challenge

Sunday May 21, 2023 - 9:00 am
Test your abilities & enjoy competition regardless of your foxhunting experience
Plan to stay for the day and enjoy lunch at our clubhouse
3898 Neese-Commerce Rd. Hull, GA 30646
Pleasure Classes
Flat classes from walk/trot to walk/trot/canter/ hand gallop
Traditional Classes
A variety of classes which include fun glimpses into foxhunting traditions and eccentricities
Hunter Classes
Under saddle and over fences classes with stadium and natural fences. Cross rails to 3” classes. Plus a NEW Optimal Time Cross Country Course class
Obstacle Trail Challenge
Riders are judged on 10 obstacles encountered while riding through a marked Shakerag Hounds trail of approximately 2 miles
Detailed information and entry forms are available online.  
Please email entry forms to Heidi Hook 
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