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Jezebel &
Teamster "Je"
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Shakerag Puppy Auction
July 24th, 2021 – 6:30 PM


Shakerag Hounds will be auctioning off the naming rights to 3 ½ couples (7) adorable puppies! Event will be held outside at the Shakerag Clubhouse during the Shakerag Top Chef competition.


Naming a foxhound is a big deal and the traditional naming schemes are based on the puppies’ bloodlines.  Thanks to John’s excellent breeding program, Shakerag Hounds’ bloodstock are well known and in demand from many of the most prestigious hunts in the United States.


RULES & GUIDELINES:   Please carefully read the following rules and restrictions before bidding:

  1. The three puppies (all bitches) from Melody’s litter must have names that start with “Sha”.

  2. The four puppies from Jezebel (one bitch and three dogs) must have names that start with “Je”.

  3. Below is a list of pre-approved names:


”SHA” for Melody’s littler:

Shabby                         Shade/Shady     Shadow           Shallot       Shallow    Shamble  Shameless/Shameful   Shammy             Shamrock       Shanghai   Shapely  Sharply/Sharpie

“JE” bitch names for Jezebels littler:

Jellybean       Jewel / Jewelry         Jemima       Jelani     Jemma     Jealous / Jealousy Jenavieve 


“JE” dog names for Jezebels litter:

Jericho                Jefferson     Jeopardy     Jersey     Jester     Jettison

Jerard/Jerald       Jethro          Jeb 



If anyone has a name they want to use that is not on the list which meets the rules above and is not more than three syllables long, they may submit the name to our Judges for approval. 

Daryl – 

John –   


Proposed names must be submitted 24 hours before the event.  


OPTIONS FOR BIDDING REMOTE:   Come to the event in person and bid in a live auction or place a bid by phone.  If you plan to bid by phone, please call Tara at 770-312-3438 at least 24 hours prior to the event to coordinate

Melody & Andrew "Sha"
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