Members in good standing from recognized hunts and invited guests who are not members of a hunt
are welcome to hunt with the Shakerag Hounds.


Hunting with our club requires permission of the Masters.
Guests may hunt three times during the season (September to March)




  • Permission of the Masters. 
    Contact the Honorary Secretary:

  • Capping Fee:  $75, adults and juniors

  • Current Negative Coggins, to be presented with caps to the Field Secretary

  • Signed Hunt Release, to be presented with caps to the Field Secretary

  • COVID-19 Release, to be presented with caps to the Field Secretary

  • Valid Georgia Hunting License (no exceptions). To be carried on your person with 
    proper identification while hunting.


  • Correct attire: Either formal or ratcatcher attire is required. 
    All Saturdays and certain holidays are formal hunts; Tuesdays and some
    other days are informal/ratcatcher hunts. 

Guests with colors have permission to wear their colors when hunting with Shakerag.


We ask that guests evaluate their own fitness for foxhunting prior to joining us for a day of sport.   
We discourage bringing horses that have unsuitable manners or lack of fitness for riding in a large group.
Horses that kick or are otherwise highly unruly will not be tolerated in the field
and will be asked to retire from the day’s sport.
Safety for all riders, our hounds and our horses is our priority.

Shakerag Hounds

3898 Neese-Commerce Road

Hull, Georgia 30646


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